City Art Gallery's Annual Summer Show / by Kristin Gibson

CORAL BAY CLUB in Atlantic Beach

Celebrating July 4th Weekend

1901 W Fort Macon Rd
Atlantic Beach, NC

Sunday, July 2 from 12pm-8pm
Monday, July 3 from 10am-4pm

Presales available online or call 252-353-7000

Each July 4th holiday City Art Gallery brings the gallery in Greenville to the Coral Bay Club in Atlantic Beach. Gallerist Torrey Stroud, and her dedicated staff alongside her family transform the beach club into a fantastic two day event for collectors and visitors alike. With a backdrop view of the sand and sea, countless easels and displays go up featuring each of City Art’s regionally and nationally acclaimed artists. The offerings of paintings, ceramics and sculptures, many created specifically for this show, are greeted with anticipation each year by the streams of enthusiastic friends and clients that enjoy their time at the beach, as much as this unique opportunity to view and purchase works of art. Many arriving early to be the first to see their favorite artists, or arranging presales ahead of their visit.

Atlantic Beach holds many memories for me. Weekends and summers visiting my in laws first as ECU students, then all the milestones in between, to bringing the kids to the beach, Ft. Macon, Jungle Rapids, the NC Aquarium, Beaufort and more with grandma and grandpa. Oftentimes having an El’s shrimp burger on the way home. During those years we also planned our visits so I could set up my easel at the Coral Bay show painting demos throughout the day, enjoying most meeting the families that became familiar faces each year. I have come to discover that each generation of one particular family have my paintings in their home, that is truly special to me. 

So in the spirit of family fun and summer memories, my offerings to this years Coral Bay show include my take on some favorite spots. Thank you for having a look at El’s Drive-In, Big Oak Drive-In and Beaufort Grocery Co. Be sure to click above on the image to see all three. Let me know which shrimp burger is your favorite! Happy 4th of July! 

For more information about City Art Gallery’s Annual Summer Show at the Coral Bay Club visit or call 252-353-7000. New Kristin Gibson still life and summer florals will also be delivered for this show.