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Kristin Gibson Painting Our Parks

Original Kristin Gibson National Park paintings & prints. Sharing the color, wonder and treasure of nature through my paintbrush.

Favorite memories are in the hiking, camping and exploring of wild and wooded places, even in our own backyards. As artist and painter endless inspiration is found walking in nature, visiting our parks, enjoying our farmers markets. From fruits and flowers, from roots to clouds, to the ebb and flow of the sea. Paintings begin with a simple arrangement of daily life  – picked flowers, seasonal fruits, a morning walk, and soon a fresh canvas becomes a painterly response to the wonder, shape, texture and color found along the way.

Thank you for having a look around my ETSY Shop, you will find Kristin Gibson National Park paintings as well as a select collection of fine art prints to enhance or begin your art collection. Discover a piece that speaks to you and reminds you of a favorite place to be. Preserving our environment and ecosystem is vital, with each National Park sale, a donation will be given to our National Parks.

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